Access to Medical Supply Contracts.

If you do purchasing for a health system or practice, chances are ordering medical supplies is timely & frustrating. Medical supplies can be such a huge aspect of managing your practice's bottom line and finding prices and setting budgets can easily cause more important issues to take a back seat. That's where ABS comes in. We have negotiated the lowest possible prices on all of the top products that you use in your practice. We have assembled this large portfolio of discounted products with our partner for our members.

ABS has negotiated special discount pricing for its members from the largest medical supply company in the world!

In addition, ABS has also negotiated a special aggregated discount program for ABS members to access with the largest group purchasing organization to give substantially better tiered discounts on medical/surgical supplies and pharmaceuticals along with Specialty Pharmaceuticals to our members.

Let us help you find a solution that meets your needs!

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