How it Works

ABS knows that vaccines are one of the largest expenses for your practice. ABS Vaccines negotiate with the lead vaccine manufacturers to obtain the lowest prices, most favorable payment options, and purchasing terms for a variety of vaccines, medical & office supplies, and services.

Join our program and become an ABS member today, with no cost to your practice, no contracts, and no purchasing volume required. Buy as little or as much as you would like!

When you join ABS Vaccines you can purchase with confidence that you are receiving the lowest possible price on the vaccines you use the most. Members automatically receive the ABS contract pricing when ordering directly or with their preferred distributor. Once an order is placed, manufacturers ship the vaccines directly to your practice. It’s that simple!

ABS strives to be your trusted physician buying group by offering reimbursement guidance, advocacy, consistent product and promotion updates, and knowledge to successfully immunize patients and provide excellent care.

We also offer Loyalty Rebates on qualifying purchases.

Let us help you find a solution that meets your needs!

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