Frequently Asked Questions

What is ABS Vaccines?
What services does ABS Vaccines offer?

ABS Vaccines negotiates preferred discounted contract pricing on vaccines, medical and surgical supplies, office supplies, computer supplies, specialty pharmaceuticals along with many more products and services that you use in your practices every day. The best part is that our membership is FREE!

Why do I want my practice to be a member of a group purchasing organization? What is the benefit?
How much will my practice save by using ABS Vaccines Purchasing Program?
What exactly is ABS Vaccines Purchasing Program? How does it work?
How do I become a member of ABS?
Is there a membership fee?
Must I renew my contract every year?
Does my membership application need to be approved? If so, how long does it take before membership is granted?
My practice currently belongs to another purchasing group, how can I switch to ABS Vaccines?
Can my practice belong to more than one vaccine purchasing group?
My practice is already a member of an IPA or a hospital network. Can I still be an ABS member?
Do I place my orders directly through ABS?
Are there purchasing minimums?
What are your approved methods of payment?
What happens if I buy vaccines outside of my contract?
Does my practice receive manufacturer’s promotional discounts?
Does ABS offer anything else other than vaccines?
Can you help me with Capital Equipment purchases?
Can I speak with someone directly at ABS?
My practice has moved locations. How do I change my contact/shipping information?

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